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Contains a charging box
Easy to use and customer-friendly through its Touch-Control receptor
Catch on to the backing instrumentals, vocals and strong bass
Battery is durable and can last up to 5 hours
Fully adaptive Active Noice Cancelling (ANC)
Compatible with all devices
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Socks are a type of garment......
A sleeveless undershirt, also known as......
An aesthetic sweatshirt is a type......
A female jacket is a type......
Aesthetic jeans are a type of......
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About Us

Swrvn is a fashion brand that specializes in high-quality streetwear and athletic wear. The brand’s clothing is designed to be both stylish and functional, with a focus on movement and performance. Swrvn’s clothing is made using high-quality materials and is designed to last, with a range of styles and sizes to suit all body types. The brand’s aesthetic is edgy and modern, with a focus on bold colors, graphic prints, and unique design details. Swrvn’s clothing is intended to be versatile, suitable for both casual wear and more active pursuits, making it a popular choice for individuals who prioritize both style and functionality in their clothing choices.

Street Wear With Revolutionary vibes of nature